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Energised Rudraksh Mala

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Rudraksha beads are regarded significant from the ancient times. Shiva Purana states that the Rudraksha tree was formed by the tears of Shiva and therefore there is great healing and scientific properties associated with it.

?Rudraksha has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. It has the power to strengthen the mindset to keep going.
?The electromagnetic properties help to channelise positive energies and help towards calming and feeling less anxious.
?Scientific studies show that Rudraksh has dielectric properties; which allows it to absorb negative energies that the body produces when it is stressed out mentally or physically causing anxiety, hypertension, and other disorders.

Rudraksha beads help tp stabilize this unwanted energy source and improves our nervous system and provide more of a balance.
?Rudraksha beads also are anti-inflammatory and have anti-bacterial properties. Soaking Rudraksha in water and drinking this has shown to build your resistance towards various diseases. It is a rich source of Vitamin C.

?Energised Rudraksh Mala £15

For meditation you may find using a rudraksh Mala especially beneficial to use for both mantra jaap recitation or as a connection point to divine energy. Rudraksh Mala increases the positive vibes around you during prayer and spiritual energies in the environment. It is calming, soothing aswell as powerful.

I am offering the option to order rudraksh Mala which will be energised with prayers and rituals for good luck, peace and prosperity. The Mala can be preordered now and will be sent out to you after the energising, ready for you to wear or incorporate into your meditation and prayer rituals.

The cost of this Mala is £15
(plus £3 P&P)

Delivery Terms

Delivered via Royal Mail within 7 days from Shivratri (11th march)

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As these are spiritually energised items, Refund and returns will not be permitted after dispatch.

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