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I am passionate about enabling people to make positive choices for their everyday health and wellbeing needs.


As the founder of I love to connect people seeking wellness, to professionals who provide support and services and share their experience, top tips and wellness hacks for all of us on our wellness journeys. I regularly interview wellness professionals and feature them here: you may have seen a few on the RA FB page also.


As a dōTERRA wellness advocate, I offer free wellness consults, free classes and free samples of dōTERRA essential oils. I smile each time I open a bottle of dōTERRA essential oil not only because those aromas leap out! but because I know that there are benefits on 'both sides of the bottle'. This is because dōTERRA follows the principle of ‘co-impact’ sourcing which means that as users of the essential oil, we benefit and so do the individuals, families and communities who have carefully cultivated, grown and harvested the raw material that is needed to make these beautiful gifts of the Earth.


So, wherever you are on your wellness journey, I'd love to hear your story and offer you a free sample for any of these common wellness challenges:


A: sleep issues

B: muscle aches/pains, neck/shoulder tension

C: hayfever and respiratory issues

D: focus/mood lifting

E: digestive issues including IBS, period pain


To get your FREE SAMPLE please complete the online form here: ......

I look forward to helping you to discover natural wellness choices you can make for you and your family each day.


Wishing you well, naturally! 

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